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Storage Tips

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Store Your RV Outdoors

Let's face it, a recreational vehicle is an expensive investment, but some people want to get the most bang for their buck but then go cheap on storage and maintenance. Throughout Orange and Riverside Counties, in cities like Norco, Corona, Lake Elsinore, Perris and Yorba Linda, you see people keeping their RVs in their lots or in outdoor rental spots with no protection for the vehicle.

Corona RV Parking Restrictions Make Indoor Storage Perfect

Like its neighboring cities, the City of Corona severely restricts street parking of RVs and other oversized vehicles, making indoor storage the perfect solution.

Achieving the Perfect Wax Job on Your Boat

To get the best results on waxing your boat, you need to follow several preliminary steps carefully

What Sets Premier Boat Storage Above the Others

Remember that Premier Indoor Storage is dedicated to world-class service and to treating your possessions as if they were our own.

Caring for Your Boat/RV/Trailer Batteries

Deep cycle batteries are subject to both overcharging and undercharging, so you need to follow these steps.

Out of Sight and Ouf of Mind for RVs in Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga parking laws prohibit street parking of RVs, trailers and boats, and they must be hidden from view behind a fence.

Why You Need to Change Your Boat's Water Impeller Yearly

A boat's water impeller can deteriorate quickly, even in storage, so it's best to replace it yearly so you don't get stuck out on the lake.

Sanitizing Your RV's White, Grey and Black Water Tanks

Many RV owners don't realize the health, comfort and mechanical benefits of sanitizing their white, grey and black water tanks frequently.

Look Indoors If You Own a Boat, RV or Trailer in Ontario

If you own an RV, boat or trailer in Ontario, Calif., your vehicle will be subject to onerous parking restrictions. Think indoor storage; think Premier Indoor Storage.

Acid Washing the Hull of Your Boat

As your boat sits in water, the hull is naturally going to accumulate growth, which will slow your boat mph-wise. Whether you plan to stow your boat at indoor storage in Lake Elsinore or at indoor storage in Orange County, or even at your home, before you do, it's time for a good acid wash of the hull.

How Frequently to Check Your Battery's Water Level

RV, boat and trailer batteries need to be recharged monthly or after 10 uses, whichever comes first, and the water level must be frequently checked as well.

Riverside RV Parking Restrictions Make Nearby Premier Ideal

If you own a boat or RV in Riverside, you may be stuck storage-wise due to various property and street parking codes, but fortunately Premier Indoor Storage is just minutes away.

Boat Delivery Services to Lake Elsinore

Say you're out in Riverside or Corona or even Yorba Linda and you want to get your boat to Lake Elsinore for the season, or even for a short period, what are your options? If you do a Google search, you'll find a place called uShip that will get bids for you. There are also some obviously more expensive choices, often with the word "executive" in their title or description. Your boat is nice but not executive, but it's also larger and more hassle-prone to move by yourself. What then is your choice?

How Often Should I Change the Oil in My Boat?

You should change the oil in your boat every 100 hours for a gasoline engine and every 50 hours for a diesel engine. The problem is that, unlike an automobile, boat engines don't really have accessible drain plugs, and on top of that, they don't afford a lot of room for capturing the oil.

9 Tips for Caring for Your Boat in Lake Arrowhead

With your boat docked in Lake Arrowhead and after a day of cruising or fishing, you need to clean and maintain your boat to retain its appearance and value. Here are the basic but major steps to take:

Why It May Be Cheaper to Use Your Toys Than Let Them Sit

Let's face it--vehicles are happy when they're out and about, just like people, so if you own a boat, RV, cycle, or whatever else, it often pays to keep it on the move rather than let it sit.

< a href="articles/why-it-may-be-cheaper.html">Read More

Storage Facilities in Corona/Norco

If you do an online search for storage facilities in the Corona-Norco area, you'll find an awful lot of companies listing "self-storage units," which usually feature drive-up garage doors. The spaces are generally best for boxes, old furniture, and stuff that will fit inside easily. Though the spaces can range up to 20-by-30 feet and you could conceivably lodge a small boat inside, is this really your best route?

5 Reasons Not to Store Your RV Outdoors

An RV looks like a rugged vehicle, but left alone in an open space with no human intervention, the seemingly invincible monolith can be victimized in many ways. The sun and natural elements can get to it. Insects and rodents can infest it. Vandals can add the human touch of the worst sort.

End-of-Season Boat Care

Whether you're using indoor storage in Corona, indoor storage in Lake Elsinore, ,or you keep your boat safe and secure at home or elsewhere on land, now that the boating season is melting into winter, it's time to do some good old end-of-season boat care.

Indoor Storage Facilities in Yorba Linda

If you live in or around Yorba Linda, Calif., and you've invested in an RV, even with the mild year-round climates in Southern California, your investment is in danger of taking a beating by the elements if it's left outdoors--to say nothing of pests, rodents and vandals. However, if you do an online search for indoor RV storage facilities nearby, you won't find a whole lot, most of them self-storage bins and outdoor parking.

Benefits of Indoor RV and Coach Storage

The average RV or coach owner takes his or her vehicle out just a few times a year. This means that the RV or coach must be parked or stored for the other months of the year, exposing it to several dangers, both natural and man-made. Whether your RV or coach is in Norco, Yorba Lind, Lake Elsinore or other surrounding areas in Riverside or Orange Counties, the best overall solution is indoor storage.

What to Look for in an Indoor Storage Facility

Indoor storage for your RV, coach or boat in Corona, Lake Elsinore, Norco and elsewhere in Orange and Riverside Counties has many obvious advantages for the protection of your investment.

Indoor Storage Facilities in Corona, Calif.

If you do an online search for indoor RV and boat storage in and around Corona, Calif., you'll get lots of results. Even if you put the restricting quotation marks around "RV indoor storage," the results will come back with every storage facility in or near Corona, and most of them will just be offering units for household goods.

Indoor v. Outdoor Boat Storage

If you own a boat, you probably don't use it year-round, and in addition, in many areas the weather can turn hostile in the wintertime. Wherever you live, however, you need to consider how and where to stow your boat when you're not using it. Obviously, there are two options--indoor storage and outdoor storage. Outdoor storage, depending on the size of your boat, can be on property you own or rent or at a boat facility, usually in the water. Indoor storage can be found in most locations.

Indoor v. Outdoor Storage in the Inland Empire

If you own a boat, RV, motorcycle or car that you want to put in storage in the Inland Empire, your choices boil down to whether you want an outdoor facility with basically no service or maintenance offered, or an indoor facility where you may get service or you may not.

Mobile Mechanic v. Indoor Storage Mechanic for Your RV or Boat Maintenance

Indoor storage facilities will often offer add-on services for the care and maintenance of your RV, auto, boat, or cycle. In many cases, these facilities will use mobile mechanics. Some of the more full-service indoor storage facilities, such as Premier Indoor Storage in Corona, however, will keep crews on the premises permanently to do many of the maintenance jobs you need.

Indoor v. Outdoor Storage of Your RV or Coach

If you drive through the cities of Yorba Linda, Corona, Norco, Lake Elsinore and others in and around Orange and Riverside Counties, you'll no doubt see people who keep their RVs and coaches in their driveways, special spaces and even backyards, but is this the best route to go?

Caring for Your RV's Slide-Outs

Slide-outs are a wonderful feature on RVs, whether you're in Orange or Riverside County, or anywhere else. All that extra room, yeah!

9 Tips on Preparing Your RV for Indoor Storage

Indoor storage for your RV is the optimal solution, especially if you live in harsh winter weather locales. In Orange and Riverside Counties in California, though the weather is mostly mild in the wintertime, there still exist several risks for your RV, including UV exposure and other debilitating natural elements.

Storing Your Boat in Lake Arrowhead

California has pretty mild temperatures, so it's pretty safe to say a boat, whether a painted or unpainted aluminum, fiberglass or wood boat, can virtually be used year-round. Still, there are seasons of lessened boating that call for storage of the boat. If you choose to store your boat outdoors in, say, Lake Arrowhead, there are some basic tips you should follow.

How Often to Replace Your Trailer Tires?

You have a trailer for your boat, off-road vehicle, or motorcycle, and you want to know how to tell when to replace the tires on the trailer. This is not as easy to answer as it seems since a variety of factors come into play.

West Coast Customs Stores at Premier Indoor Storage

West Coast Customs, the premier auto custom company in the world--literally with branches circling the globe--stores its vehicles with Premier Indoor Storage in Corona, the city where West Coast Customs is also located.

The Do's and Don't's of Storing Your Boat Outdoors in Lake Arrowhead

If you're a boat owner in Lake Arrowhead and winter is approaching with your boat parked out back, the best thing to do is find indoor shelter for it--fast. Even if you prepare your boat and throw a tarp over it, winter snow, rain and wind can have ill effects. If the water freezes on the boat, it can cause cracking and loosen rivets. Critters might want to make a safe haven out of your parked boat as well.

Winterizing Your RV

The best solution for winterizing your RV is to use indoor storage. Out in mild California climates like Riverside, Corona, Lake Elsinore and other areas of Orange County and Riverside County, the winter doesn't pose as great a threat as other parts of the country, but regardless of where you live, indoor storage should be option one.

Yearly Boat Maintenance Schedule: What You Should Do

A boat is an expensive investment, and whether you store it in your yard or use indoor storage in Lake Elsinore, Riverside, Norco or elsewhere in Riverside County, or over in Orange County in cities like Yorba Linda, you need to do yearly maintenance. Such maintenance will preserve your investment and prevent problems from cropping up in the future.

Why Premier Uses Only Deionized Water for All Washings

When you store a vehicle indoors at Premier Boat and RV Storage, not only with you get a free washing when you pick it up (or have it delivered), but you will also get a spot-free result because of the use of deionized water.

What Sets Premier Apart from Other Storage Facilities

Premier Indoor Storage stands head and shoulders above the competitors because of its commitment to world-class service -- and its delivery of the same!.

Best Time for Boat Maintenance

Some boating enthusiasts, come end of boating season, store their boats away and then figure they'll do upkeep and maintenance next time they need them. This approach, however, presents some real and serious difficulties and drawbacks.

Service Members Earn 10% Discount at Premier

Premier Indoor Boat and RV Storage was built with the customer in mind, offering services like 24-hour pick-up and delivery, weekly vehicle check-ups, in-house mechanical and technical service, and much more. In addition to these extra-added benefits, to honor those serving their country in the military, Premier also extends a 10-percent discount to service members.

Why Premier Offers Pick-Up and Delivery Services

Premier Boat and RV Storage in Corona, Calif., was founded by RV and boating enthusiasts to bring a level of world-class service that the founders couldn't find at any other storage facility. Not only are there full-service mechanics and technicians on hand, but Premier also offers—rare in the industry—pick-up and delivery services.

Five Tips for Storing Your Automobile

Going away for an extended period and wanting to stow your car away? Here are five important steps that you need to take, and Premier Indoor Storage can do them for you.

Premier Prides Itself on Valet Storage Services

Premier Indoor Storage was founded by recreational enthusiasts to provide valet-level services to all other recreational enthusiasts. Come visit us today.

Secret Shopper Rates Premier Highly

An online rating service recently sent a secret shopper to rate all six Inland Empire RV storage facilities. While three failed utterly, Premier Indoor Storage topped the remaining three.

Premier Will Prepare Your Vehicle Properly for Storage

Here's a checklist for properly storing your vehicle, but your best option remains to park it with Premier Indoor Storage and let our mechanics care for your car.

Year-Round RV Maintenance Tips

Following the manufacturer's suggested maintenance plan is always the place to start, but we've assembled some other practical tips to ensure a safe and trouble-free trip on your RV.

Springtime Boat Maintenance Tips

You stowed your boat away for the winter (hopefully in a secure indoor storage facility like Premier), so what steps do you need to take before hitting the water once again in the spring? Here are our Premier Tips for you.

Car Storage Tips to Protect Your Paint, Tires and Battery

If you're storing your automobile for an extended period, you need to take solid steps to protect the vehicle's paint, tires and battery. Here's what to do.

RV Summer Check-Up & Maintenance for Pleasant, Safe Holidays

It's summer, and RV enthusiasts are preparing to hit the road if they haven't already. While some RV owners will journey out and have a great, hassle-free time, others may hit some trouble on the road or in the camps if they didn't prepare fully.

What If I Take My Boat into Salt Water?

Some boats are built specifically for salt-water usage, but regardless of the boat you take out to the ocean, there are important after-boating steps to clean the exterior and flush the engine that you need to follow.

Don't Take Your Boat Trailer Tires for Granted

Even though the tread on the tires on your boat trailermay still look good, if the trailer has been sitting formany years, even if on and off, cracks and seams can develop, and you may be in for an unexpected flat when you least expect it.

Tips for Storing Your Classic Car

A classic car is a huge investment, one that should be sheltered and protected by good maintenance and secure, proper storage. Here are eight tips for storing--and caring for--your classic car.

Prevent Boat Rot and Mildew With Indoor Storage

You may think you're saving money by putting your boat in storage in your garage or parkway, but the long-run costs can run up quickly if you're not careful.

What to Do About Rising Gas Prices

Gasoline prices have moderated a bit lately, but overall we all know the price is headed just one way -- up! Does that mean more storage time?

Protecting Your Boat's Gelcoat and Hull

Fiberglass boats are covered with what's called a gelcoat to protect the fiberglass in the hull, or boat body, from cracking and other damages. The gelcoat, however, is susceptible to its own set of challenges, largely from the sun and corrosive marine elements, but nicks and scratches from hitting docks or scraping other hard surfaces can also occur.

HOA Parking Restrictions Mean Premier Indoor Is the Way to Go

Newer developments are often subject to covenants and homeowners association (HOA) restrictions on the parking of RVs and boats. Turn to Premier Indoor Storage for the solution.

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